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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines on Archival Sites.

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Accessibility at Blackboard Blackboard
Blackboard is fully committed to delivering product experiences that conform to the highest levels of global accessibility standards

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Img src Img alt Img title
/ Images/ blackboard-corporate-logo tcm21-12923.pngBlackboard Corporate Logo
/ Images/ 01 2nd Carousel Access Imperitive D T GirlReadingBook tcm21-Learn What it takes to Increase Technology Adoption
/ Images/ 02 2nd Carousel UnderstandEmpathizeAct D T WheelchaironPathwPerson in a wheelchair
/ Images/ 03 2nd Carousel DeliverThePromise D T WomanLearningSign tcm2Woman gesturing in sign language

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Accessibility at Blackboard
Core Beliefs Product Accessibility Accessibility Details Blackboard Learn Accessibility Details Blackboard Collaborate More Information Mouse Free An Accessibility Challenge Accessibility A journey towards openness No user left behind Blackboard s accessib
Accessibility is an imperative not an afterthought Understand empathize and act Deliver the promise Blackboard Learn with the Ul
Blackboard is fully committed to delivering product experiences that conform to the highest levels of global accessibility standards

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

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